My practice of improv and the book Improv Wisdom

I procrastinated from Friday night until the very early morning of Sunday before I committed myself to write about my book of the week, Improv Wisdom – Don’t Prepare, Just Show Up, by Patricia Ryan Madson. Writing this summary has not escaped my mind, whether I was deadheading roses, or making flower arrangements, or planning […]

If you are not making mistakes, you are not improvising.
Be like a turtle: stick out your neck to make progress.
When you screw up, say “Ta-dah!” and take a bow.
Mistakes? Focus on what comes next.
Let go of outcomes. Cultivate a flexible mind.
Mistakes may actually be blessings.
Become a confident mistake-maker. Lighten up.
Try bricolage – use what is there artfully.
Admitting a mistake shows character.
  • Act now
    The essence of improvising is action.
    Act in order to discover what comes next.
    You don’t need to feel like doing something to do it.
    Schedule a difficult task and stick to your timetable.
    Invite a buddy to join you in doing what you need to do.
    Do the hard thing first.
    To find a new perspective, try doing something a different way.
    Sometimes not doing is what is needed.
    If you can’t get out of it, get into it.
  • Take care of each other
    Be someone’s guardian angel. Make your partner look good.
    Rescue or join someone struggling.
    Share control; don’t hog it.
    Kindness is essential during chaos or a crisis.
    Try giving yourself away.
    Always put positive thoughts into words and action.
    Do “random acts of kindness.”
    Put other people’s convenience ahead of your own.
    Listen as if your life depended on it.
    Deliver more than you promise.
  • Enjoy the ride
    Find joy in whatever you are doing, including ordinary tasks.
    Look for ways to play. Play is essential to human growth.
    Learning is enhanced when we lighten up.
    Laughter is good medicine.
    If something is not to your liking, change your liking.
    Give away smiles every day.
    Do something just for the fun of it.
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